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Air duct sealant services are an underappreciated way to get a more comfortable home, while reducing your energy costs and protecting your valuable HVAC equipment.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your home has a series of metal ducts that carry your furnace’s hot air through your home. In over 90 percent of homes in Canada, these ducts have holes where some of that precious hot air escapes. This increases your heating bills and causes other problems. Sealing up these leaky air ducts can benefit you for the long term.

How Aeroseal Duct Sealing Works

Holes in your duct work can allow air to escape. In the winter, this means hot air stays in your walls, resulting in cold spots in your home, or making your furnace work harder to heat your whole home consistently. If you have a central air conditioner, the same problem will happen with cold air in the summer.

Don’t choose just any HVAC duct sealant. Aeroseal duct sealing finds and fixes the holes in your ducts simply and completely. During this process, we pump a non-toxic gas through your duct system to reveal the holes and broken seals. This gas is made from the ingredients in bubblegum—it is safe to breathe.

We then disperse the sealant within the gas itself. It naturally collects in every gap in your duct system, sealing ductwork from the inside. In fact, we can show you the performance of this organic compound as it seals your ductwork in real time.



Just the Aeroseal Duct Sealing 

Includes up to 16 supply vents (each additional vent is $59)

Includes pressure test and pre seal leakage report

Includes whole ductwork inspection

Includes evaluation of the systems supply and return air

Includes diagnosing major leaks, disconnections and blockages

Includes sealing all accasable leaks and connections with Foil tape

Includes sealing and isolation of all connected appliances

Includes sealing all registers and grills tightly to the ducts

Includes material and labour for aeroseal process

Includes protective measure to protect your home

Includes post seal report and competition certificate

Includes a 10 year warranty 

The 10 year warranty from the date of completion of the Aeroseal air duct sealing patented technology will not leak due to

Ordinary wear and tear by the elements
Regular usage by the indoor air comfort system with in the home


Plus Tax

Air Duct Sealing with Air Duct Cleaning

Includes everything in the air sealing package plus the Supreme Duct Cleaning Package

Plus Tax

Air Duct Sealing with Air Duct Cleaning 

Includes everything in the air sealing package plus the Ultimate Duct Cleaning Package

Plus Tax

Benefits of Air Duct Sealant

After you air ducts are sealed with Aeroseal technology you’ll benefit from:

  • A more comfortable home: Your home will be a more consistent temperature.
  • Energy-efficiency: Your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to reach the temperature you set, so they’ll use less energy.
  • Reduced heating bills: You’ll save on your gas or electrical bill, as your HVAC system demands less energy.
  • Less wear on your furnace: Your furnace and central air conditioner won’t be under as much stress, which helps them avoid repairs longer.
  • Better air quality: Sealed ducts also prevent the movement of dust through your home, so you can enjoy cleaner air.

Choose Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services

Sealing ductwork is simple and will benefit you for the long haul, but why choose us? At Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services, we invested in Aeroseal technology so that we can offer the best duct sealing process to you, our valued customer. As a family-run business, we care about providing safe HVAC services that disrupt your daily life as little as possible.

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