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Air Conditioner Repair in Hamilton

Why is it that your air conditioner seems to break on the hottest days? We offer air conditioning repair in Hamilton not just to get your home cool again, but also to save you money by making your air conditioner run like new again.

Pro air conditioning repair in Hamilton

Six Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Is your air conditioner costing you more than it should? Or is it outright broken? There are a few ways to tell. If it’s not running right now, but spring has arrived, it’s smart to turn your air conditioner on early to see if it shows any signs of damage.

The signs your air conditioner isn’t working properly include:

  • Temperature: If the air isn’t cool (or isn’t as cool as it used to be) the refrigerant might need to be replaced.
  • Circulation: If the cool air doesn’t seem to get very far the fan could be broken.

Air conditioning repair in Hamilton

  • Moisture: If excess liquid is collecting then you could have a refrigerant leak—which is dangerous. Or, if it is just water collecting, it could damage your floor or furniture.
  • Sound: Squeaks, gurgles, or grinds, especially when you first turn the unit on indicate a problem. There are many potential issues here, including mechanical parts grinding against one another, which can prematurely wear the parts of your system out.
  • Smell: The air conditioner should not create a weird smell. If the smell is smoky or burnt, the wiring in the air conditioner could be shot. If it smells musty, there could be mold in the air conditioner from excess moisture.
  • Power: Perhaps the most frustrating problem, it’s possible that your air conditioning unit just doesn’t turn on at all. Or, it could be working inefficiently and using more power than it should.

Call the experts at Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services Ltd. if your air conditioner is exhibiting any of these symptoms.

Air conditioning service in Hamilton

Professional Service You Can Trust

You don’t have to spend your valuable time trying to figure out the underlying problem in your air conditioner. The professionals at Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services Ltd. will give your air conditioner a full inspection and report back to you about the root of the problem.

We believe in transparency, which means we tell you what’s going on in your unit and answer any questions you may have about what your air conditioner needs. We want you to feel fully confident that your air conditioner’s problems have been addressed.

Plus, if it’s the middle of summer and it’s sweltering outside, Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services Ltd. offers emergency air conditioning repair in Hamilton to get your home back to a comfortable temperature quickly. Reach out to us today.

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Need Air Conditioner Repair in Hamilton or Surrounding Areas?

Contact the professionals at Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services Ltd. We provide quick, reliable air conditioner repair that your family can count on.

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