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Do Air Conditioners need Sweaters in the summer?

Do Air Conditioners need Sweaters in the summer?

Do Air Conditioners need Sweaters in the summer? 

Have you seen how dirty your outside air conditioner is? Does it have a dirt sweater on the outside keeping your home warm? 

Tips and tricks to get your air conditioner running smoothly for the season. 

Removing the air conditioner cover is a good first step to start the summer. After that you need to be concerned with the condition of your Air Conditioner. A unmaintained a/c can use more hydro than one that has had some tender loving care. 

Another trick is getting your thermostat all set up with programming for the summer to get you the most energy savings. 

Make sure you clear any trees or overgrown vegetation around your outside unit this will help with air flow and we all want air flow. 

Something that gets forgotten all the time when it comes to air conditioning is how important a clean furnace filter is. Make sure during the air conditioning season you don’t forget to change that filter often. Did you know Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services has lots of filters in stock and when you’re part of our Priority advantage maintenance service you even get 10% off on them. 

One of the most important things to do is clean your Air Conditioner

Did you know that your outdoor unit should be cleaned every year before use. The process involves a trained person to take the lid off your a/c. They use special cleaners and tools to remove the sweater it has grown around your a/c from all the debris outside restricting air flow. We clean the unit from the inside out ensuring we don’t cause any damage to the fines that produce your cooling. It is a good idea to get on

a maintenance plan to ensure it’s done properly. When you take good care of your equipment you get a long life span and much lower energy consumption resulting in lower energy bills. Our priority advantage maintenance service would be the right fit. Our spring call takes care of all the work and you get to just relax and enjoy knowing you are extending the life of your Air Conditioner and you will have the air flow needed to keep you cool. Another way our maintenance helps you save money is having a professional inspect your ac to make sure they catch small problems before they become big ones. 

If your Air Conditioner is nearing end of life or all your fins on the outside unit are bent in preventing you from getting cool and comfortable we can help get you into a brand new American Standard air conditioner and make you a priority advantage maintenance member so you won’t have this problem again in the future by having a professional get you ready for the summer you are insuring your family stays comfortable. 

If you get your Air conditioner ready for the summer and have an unfortunate breakdown Darrick Davidson Mechanical Services is available 24/7 to help get you running again fast. Our priority advantage maintenance service customers get help even faster by jumping the line. 

Whatever your needs we are here to help. 

Darrick with an A is here to save the day!!!


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