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Is Your Air Conditioner leaking refrigerant?

Is Your Air Conditioner leaking refrigerant?

Here are some signs you may have a leak

Did you know that a refrigerant leak can not only cause you to be uncomfortable and hot in your house. It can also cause you health problems. When you are a Priority advantage maintenance plan member with Darrick Davidson Mechanical Service our highly trained Darrick Davidson approved technicians can find out if you have a leak before you have more problems. 

How can you tell if you have a possible refrigerant leak and know when to get help? Here are some signs that there is a problem. Remember we are available 24/7. 

● Is your Air Conditioner not blowing cold air? This a sign you may have a refrigerant leak. 

● You don’t want to be singing ice ice baby when it comes to your air conditioner. If you’re seeing ice it’s not nice. Is your air conditioner frozen? The inside portion of your a/c can be frozen as 

well. If you see ice, you will need to turn off your air conditioner and call us.

● Have you found your Air conditioner keeps running and your home is still humid and not cooling down quickly? 

● Have you found water leaking around your furnace? This happens when the a/c has been frozen and then melts when you don’t have your air conditioner turned on. The Ice melts leaving a watery mess. 

● If you have a refrigerant leak you may even hear it sometimes the a/c makes a hissing noise. 

How can you prevent Air Conditioner leaks? 

Having a system renovation each spring will keep your unit clean and can help prevent damage to different components like your coils, which in turn can help prevent refrigerant leaks! Having a fully trained technician inspect your unit yearly through a great maintenance program can prevent it, they can also detect if you already have a coolant leak before things get worse. Did you know you can always be covered without monthly service plans. Our plans will keep your family safe and comfortable all year around. We come 2 times a year helping prevent cost repair bills in the future. We service a large area which includes haldimand, Caledonia, Hamilton,Ancater, Burlington, Brantford, Grimsby, Stoney creek, Six nations. There is someone always available to help.

Remember Darrick with an A is here to save the day! 

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